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  1. Tumblr is not a website to make money, ads hardly give you a few bucks a month if you are lucky. Go spend your time finding a real job instead of getting people to click your ads (which is against the rules and can get your blog removed)
  2. Tumblr is not high school and it doesn’t care about how…


People! Please…stop saying stupid stuff. It’s just a video, not even an official one… And really, guys, it is what song is about…
Also, panic!at the disco and walk the moon are donating money from selling shirts into gay communities so obviously there was nothing homophobic in the video.
Stop being stupid fans and turn on your brains for a second.
And if you would really love Brendon you would not shout out that you hate him after the video that he have made just as a little gift for his fans
So shut up


Girls/Girls/Boys (Director’s Cut) x

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Brendon Urie sleeping with his dogs (Penny Lane & Bogart)

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